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  • Construction Company.
    Implementing demanding technical projects.
  • Excellent Know-how.
    High expertise in road and buildings constructions, mining-related projects
    and wind generators installations.
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    Reliable and time-accurate projects implementation.


"PYRAMIS S.A." was founded in 1997 by Konstantinos Panzartzidis, Chairman and Managing Director and the headquarter is located in Plagiari, Municipality of Pella. It is one of the few companies in the construction sector that has a high level of specialization in the field of road construction, offering vertically integrated services to the full range of the demands of the modern construction. During the last years "PYRAMIS S.A." has undertaken and has executed more than 400 public and private projects

Business Activities

Today it holds a 5th grade construction license in Greece (7th grade is maximum level) and has added to its activities the sectors of construction of Hydraulic works, production of various types of asphalt, production of ready-mixed concrete, aggregates, production of cement products, engineering designs of road and hydraulic works, snow cleaning, cleaning/maintenance and rehabilitation of airports , maintenance of roads and green areas and slopes, and the installation and maintenance of electric lighting in road networks and airports.

Energy Projects

PYRAMIS activity in energy projects is remarkable, as for the last 18 years has executed a large range of projects of the Greek Public Electricity Company.

Number of projects 2001-2019

Asphalt Paving, Maintenance, Pavement rehabilitation and Finishing works for urban streets and other Roads: 25.347.031€

Conctruction of Regional and National Roads: 28.119.668€

Construction of Hydraulic, Irrigationand Drainage Works: 10.116.545€

Rural Roads for several Municipalities: 5.481.321€

Construction of several important Infrastructure works for Municipalities: 1.202.887€

Construction of Hospitals and Schools: 6.859.298 €

Supply and installation of H/V cables: 1.113.432€

Construction of Wind Farms: 1.251.668€

Coal mine Energy Projects: 97.121.089€