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Driving Force

The people of PYRAMIS S.A. is the driving force for the company. Our success is based on our people. For this reason, it is constantly striving to maintain an ideal working environment and to create a climate of cooperation and security for the people. Consistency and Reliability are two elements that fully represent the company’s management team, values that are transferred to customers and collaborators creating long-lasting partnership relationships.
Founding member of "PYRAMIS S.A." is Mr. Pantzartzidis Konstantinos.

"PYRAMIS S.A." is managed by a five-member Board of Directors. The composition of the Board of Directors is as follows:
  • Pantzartzidis Konstantinos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kostika Kyriaki, Vice-President
  • Pantzartzidis Pavlos, Member
  • Pantzartzidou Elisavet, Member
  • Pantzartzidou Maria, Member

High level of scientific and technical personnel

"PYRAMIS S.A." is staffed by experienced and trained personnel such as engineers, economists, technicians, etc. The total number of staff is 120. Apart from the people who work constantly in the accounting department, at the offices and at the branches of the company, the rest of the personnel are employed nationwide in the local projects undertaken by "PYRAMIS S.A.".

The technical staff combines training in new technologies and methods, specialized know-how, long experience and excellent co-ordination so that the project can be managed efficiently and with quality.

Also, PYRAMIS has a special maintenance and repair department of machinery consisting of four engineers of various specialties and three fully equipped mobile workshops, which provide at any time the flexibility of on-site intervention for any need that may arise in any of construction sites.

PYRAMIS is constantly seeking to hire and train people from the local communities of the construction projects and by this way is aiming and contributing to the economic social development of each region offering new jobs and improving the standard of social living.